Wednesday, February 16, 2011


     One of those calves out of my Simmental bull was out of a Hereford/Shorthorn cross cow. That calf was a Simmental/Hereford/Shorthorn cross heifer. She turned out to be a nice big white and roan cow who gave a lot of milk. She turned out to be one of those cows that you had to keep an eye on because she would run you up on the fence. A trait that earned her the name Hateful.

      Whenever we would ride a horse out to gather the herd she was in she would lift up her head and take off the wrong way and take all the cows with her. She was also one of those cows we should have got rid of early on but kept because she always had the best calf. I don't remember how long we kept her but we finally did get rid of her making gathering cattle a lot more pleasant.


  1. What about High Horns? I've got a lot of memories of her!

  2. Mom,

    "High Horns" must have been before my time. I remember the name but nothing else so I guess you are going to have to write that story.